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Red Square and twrradio.ru


I was in Russia in March. First time ever. And I was amazed every day: snow, ice, endless traffic jams, expensive souvenirs, phenomenally colored Orthodox cathedrals, 11 time zones, gasoline for 50 eurocents for liter, excellent food, Moscow – 1 city of 15 million people, fast waking around, no public litter boxes, city trains every 2.5 minutes, (Red square isn’t actually red), this list is large.

One night I was particularly amazed. The Russian TWR team held a ‘live in studio’ broadcast on choir music use in Evangelical churches with several guests and a host, Natalia. They let listeners call in via a regular phone, Skype in their chat questions, send e-mails. The subject was hot, there were plenty of comments and questions. What amazed me was that the signal was transferred via Internet lines to another country where the classical AM/MW broadcast was done for the European part of Russia, and also an Internet transmission for whomever was listening via their PC’s. So, at one moment we had a contact from the Voronjez region (500 km south of Moscow)  who was listening on MW and the next was a phone call from a person who was listening on-line in Sacramento, USA. And the program was good, debate heated, arguments were flying left and right. “Nota Bene” is the program’s name.

So, how is your Russian, lately? Why don’t you check Trans Mirovnoe internet Radio at www.twrradio.ru and refresh it, or try the following link http://www.erf.de/1288-Russisch.html?reset=1


3 thoughts on “Red Square and twrradio.ru

  1. Lovely church in Krasnovidovo

  2. you did actually listen to twrradio in Moscow on the Red square, right?

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