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Dinner in Kiev

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Dinner was very good (or Why do I always eat well when traveling?)

During our stay in Kiev, Ukraine, we paid a visit to the Chernobyl museum. We learned how ill equipped and not prepared the people were at the instance of core melt down, and when the robots and machines failed, the Soviet army sent soldiers! Humans were not showing signs of malfunctioning, at least not for the time they needed them to clean the mess. And the documentation is still not disclosed to the public. As in the case of the starvation museum, that was opened last year in Kiev, we saw that the human suffering did not play a large role in the Soviet philosophy or political system. The explosion at the atomic plant in Chernobyl occurred on 26 April 1986, and the system kept people affected going on as if nothing happened – even having a 1 May parade in Kiev, just 100 km south from the site. City next to the plant, 1.5 km away, was evacuated only the next day, when the inhabitants were exposed to the radiation for 24 hours already. A city of 55,000 souls, of which 17,000 were kids. I did not dare to ask for the statistics, if they are known at all nowadays…

Gruesome photos and the fact that the ‘sarcophagus’ placed atop of the 4-th block of the plant is full of cracks and holes, and that the rain water is washing out the radiation to the soil every single time rain falls, left us all with a bitter and solemn feeling that the science and humans have no answer to this ‘mistake,’ as they call it. Can TWR bring hope to this nation of 48 million? I saw right there the importance of having our programs at the Ukrainian national radio, even only 3 times 15 minutes per week, as it is now. Praise the Lord for our MW broadcasts from Estonia, they do bring hope. We saw proof – thousands of letters and contacts arrive every year to our studios in Kiev and Kharkov.

And the dinner later that evening was more than good. Well prepared, excellent taste, good price. What else can I expect in this world of today? Ah, yes, we prayed the blessings for the food. Then I cleaned the plate, and it was already time to pay the bill…


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