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Travel Notes (Ukraine) and TWR work

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Notes on TWR Ukraine (from a recent trip)

The TWR ministry work in Ukraine started in 1992. Today they have two studios: in Kiev and in Kharkov, producing hours of Christian programs every week. They have audience of 5-10 million people via wired radio on the national channel that was made by the Communists to spread the propaganda into every house, every official office, hospital, police station…50 years ago it was forbidden in churches to listen to the radio and TV because they denied God’s existence, but one pastor proclaimed in faith: it will come a day that through this wire radio system they all had to have at home, God’s word will be spoken.

  • They have 5 programs aired on the national channel and they have an average of 1 million listeners.
  • They challenged listeners to support them financially so they can continue broadcasting on the national channel; if listeners would contribute with a grivna (local currency) value of 20 US cents every month for the ministry, they could continue to broadcast TWR programs. They did it generously.
  • Radio broadcast is literally a “radio church” to some of their listeners.
  • They prepare TTB program, program for kids and teenagers, they made internet Forum for youth to share their opinion on certain subject (example: http://www.twr-ua.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=222). They do follow up in churched about their youth programs. They also make programs for women and people with disabilities.
  • They made questionnaire for the listeners to get to know who they are and sent it to them to 13,000. They made special PC software to analyze all the answers. 2,000 people answered them.
  • Some statistics: if there were 100 listeners, 34 people would be from 45-65 years old, 25 people would be older than 65 (23% of the listeners), 25 people would be from 22-25 years old, 16 people would be from 12-22 years old. = Their goal is to reach people in all ages.
    • Listeners by religious background (in percentages): 29 Baptist, 26 Pentecostal, 16 Adventist, 10 Eastern Orthodox, 8 charismatic’s, 6 Jehovah Witnesses, 3 other Protestants, 2 evangelical Christians.
    • How people learned about their programs: 52 by accident, 33 from someone else, 9 from their parents, 4 from the Church, 2 from the press.
    • Statistics on how long they listen to the programs (example from No of 100): 37 listeners not more than 5 years, 29 listeners around 10years, 20 listeners around 20 years, 14 listeners around 10-20 years.
  • Their goal is to proclaim Jesus, not church or denomination; they challenge listeners to be active in Christian life and in their church.
  • They asked listeners about the topics they would like to hear in the program and then contacted local pastors to help in the production. TWR Ukraine desires to make a Bible course for the whole family and to offer it to listeners. Other topics: spiritual growth, repentance, personal relationship with God, Eschatology, Trinity, spiritual gifts, testimonies, how to fight with a cult, alcohol and drug addictions, ministry of the Church to the world, prayer, active Christian life.
  • 200 people who answered questionnaire said that they know 700 other Christians that came to know the Lord through TWR ministry.

Go check www.twr-ua.org for more information


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