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What Do You Do When You Are 16

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The Ukrainian TWR recently received an interesting response to their youth programs, from a girl of 16.

I enjoy your programs for the youth. It was a very good idea to create such a program. I recently heard about the correspondence course you send out. I would like to do it, because it is very important to not start making mistakes at my age. Most of the time we, young people, think of ourselves as adults, knowing and understanding everything. My parents are believers, but that does not make me a better person in comparison to my peers.

“It is important not to lose my faith, and the good things my parents taught me and put into my thoughts. Some of my schoolmates exaggerate the problems they have at home or with young boyfriends they love. They look for comfort in drinking alcohol, living loosely, and taking drugs. This is a real problem among my peers. It hurts to see my friends “bath” their joys and “drown” their sorrows in alcohol. And this is going on constantly.

“There was a time when I too tried alcohol. Of course it was in secret so my parents would not know about it. But I sensed such emptiness after the fact. There was a vacuum in my soul that was filled only after I made peace with God… I would not want to become a victim of sin, neither do I want my friends to become victims of sin either…

For more information on the Children ministries in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, visit www.twr.org\projekt\812


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