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How to Start a Fresh New Church

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A friend from the Balkans recently wrote to me that they desire to start up a new local church, that will be different from most of the existing Evangelical churches in their country (which is not that difficult since the number of Evangelical Christians is around 12,000 total of all denominations). But what he said about four principles they will start the church upon seems to be very important:

1. Team leadership instead of a pastor/CEO pyramid scheme where the ‘purpose’ of the giving in church is to allow pastor and his family a relatively easy living;

All what one needs2. Transparency in church finances and accountability to the church board, or the council, or to the whole body of church members;

3. Biblical exposition – in comparison to some wild ideas and ‘spiritual novelties’ always coming from the West; and

4. Purposeful and intentional work with future leaders – on one to one basis – work with the potential future leaders (as they do not come via DHL/FedEx), but they need to be built (alike Paul and Timothy example from the Bible)

I think this will be a rather ‘revolutionary’ local church. If only they would add additional point there: having weekly services on Mondays evenings, I would really consider joining. Mondays are good – nothing ever happens Monday evenings and on Sundays they can go with their friends to sport events and excursions, enjoying their non-Christian friends fellowship and being a ‘walking Gospel’ in their attitude, love and fun.

Just a thought.


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