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Berlin, Alexander Platz

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During the hip years of the German Democratic Republic (former East Germany), in the times when it became increasingly apparent that the changes are in the air, the Socialist government erected an enormous radio/TV tower at the Alexander-platz, in East Berlin. All of the socialist-type architecture symbols were on place – enormous structure of concrete, overarching dominating profile, a thousand tone heavy aluminum boll put in the air right next to a couple of churches, location almost on the famous Unter den Linden street, and very much visible from the western Berlin, a large empty area in front of it for the ‘populist, spontaneous people gathering’ meetings, etc. But, little they knew that the boll like structure at the top would almost daily reflect sunlight in a form or sign of a cross on itJ.

And it is a true fact; I saw it with my eyes, it is not one of these urban legends that seem to roam the world regularly. It was a rather interesting moment, when our FEET group saw it (Fellowship of European Evangelicals Theologians), shining behind a rain-heavy cloud, dominating the skies. Amidst so many Berlin church belfries, golden crosses, memorials and cathedral domes of numerous Lutheran and some RC churches, in the midst of most very excellently protestant Berlin of the past, and somewhat of the present times, but definitively in the Berlin of the future, Berlin that shapes today’s music styles, philosophy teachings and serves as a ‘laboratory’ of future ideas, it is this monument of the past, gone and never-to-return Socialism that actually lifts the symbol of Christianity so high that everyone can notice it, as long as Sun is shining.

To a stranger like me, and almost like in one of these unexplainable moments of ‘lucida intervala’ when something happens in one’s brain and some areas connect with others for a brief moment of time, bringing an idea or flesh of insight, and then disappear into a non-scholarly mist, I felt how glorious it is to have a distinguish sign of a cross in such a tormented city, so beautiful as Berlin, so tormented by its ‘topography of terror’ (1933-1945), punished by almost total destruction, and then divided by a Wall (1961-1989). I desire that on the 20th anniversary of the German unification day (fall of this year), Sun will be shining and reflecting from both the gold of domes and aluminum of TV towers, rightly pointing to the only and everlasting Redeemer of our Souls and His work on the Cross. Will you pray for Berlin today?


ERF Medien ministry is explained in the www.erf.de web-site. You can also listen to an excellent web-radio at www.crosschannel.de


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