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Europe Needs Jesus [blog]


I shared the below text with Judy Clauss of “judyblog” (www.twr.org/judyblog)

When recently asked, ‘Do you believe in God?’ this is how Europeans responded:

Turkey 95%

Austria/Lithuania 52%

United Kingdom 38%

Norway 32%

Estonia/Czech Republic 16%


It’s obvious that the religious climate of Europe has changed in the last 100 years. What was once considered as ‘Christendom,’ nowadays is just a weak shadow of what was before.  

Today, I think we can speak of ‘Five Europes:’ one of traditional churches (Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox); one of ever rising post-everything (post-Christian, post-missional and post-modern); one of secularism and materialism; one of liberal theology (mainly older Protestant denominations); and, one of being challenged by Islam, its culture and Sharia law.

It’s not easy to reach people in such an environment, but across border lines and in spite of the color of their passports or local vernacular, the needs of people remain the same: reconciliation with God, reconciliation with their neighbor and reconciling with themselves. This is where the message of Christ is piercing like a double-edged sword.  

TWR’s radio ministry is crossing boundaries of many European countries delivering the message in a heartfelt language, offering hope and giving direction, the path of Jesus. TWR networks, collaborates and partners with 31 Christian media organizations in 30 countries of Europe. 

Visit www.twreurope.org for more information on TWR work in Europe and beyond.


2 thoughts on “Europe Needs Jesus [blog]

  1. Thank you for this blog entry!
    How about a TWR radio series on the 3-fold reconciliation which you describe above to bring reconciliation to the 5 Europes?
    PS: I guess the numbers above refer to those who responded with “Yes” to the question “Do you believe in God?”?

  2. Yes, thank you Thorsten on this correction. Indeed, the numbers used refer to those who responded with “Yes” to the question posed. That is for your PS :).

    As to regarding the idea of creating reconciliation programs, I have the impression that something is being discussed and prepared already. I will give my contribution when needed. But the subject is ever-important and all-encompassing.

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