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The Sky under the Dust

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I saw a wonderful movie last night. 60 minutes, great length, a proper feature, actors, script, effects, music, credits and all… The script author and director Sergio Mascheroni, a PR specialist from Milan, Italy, shared an epic story, rather shared a Biblical message without using a Biblical story or narrative. For the first time in my life (not so short by now) I have seen a film with a Christian message, and one that is open and clear, and not hidden and undiscoverable. “I did not want to make a movie for the church, but for those who are outside of the church and do not know what the Biblical message is all about,” Sergio said. This world and sin puts dust over our heavenly bodies and hide the true nature we have, a heavenly nature, metaphor says. Take difficult and distant concepts and make them acceptable for the soul and for the spirit of people.

A gang is running away from the bank robbery, two men and two women. They are tired and need shelter, and enter an empty school, but a band of young teenage Christians are rehearsing for their Gospel concert tonite. They are taken hostage at gun point and the story goes on. “Jesus comes and blows our dust away,” Sergio says, and this is what the people are discovering in this movie.

One can clearly say that it is at a PR conference (where this screening occurred last night, TWR Europe’s PR eXchange in Payerbach, Austria). Higher percentage of Macs over the PCs, incredible screen backgrounds, great videos and audio, delightful presentations. And it is not over yet.

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