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God is on the Move (Lausanne III)

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The Congress had started on Monday, remarkably picturesque and full of life. Ajith Fernando spoke on the Ephesians one and stated: “We are rich, we are very rich, it is only that sometimes we are short of money to buy things we need or desire.” Powerful.

Petar Pilic is doing a photo of the session (I make him look like rising hands)


Five thousands people from 198 nations here – in Mother Town as they call Cape Town. Some said it is the most representative Christian gathering/congress in history. Perhaps it is, but I wish there is more time for the table groups to discuss issues coming out of the Book of Ephesians. I wish I was not asked from an acquaintance of mine whether is it really a woman leading our table group! And I wish all of the participants could go and visit Robin island to see where Mandela spent 2.5 decades in prison.

New ideas are floating around, Keller said last night that our churches ought to be “strong in evangelism and famous for its work in social justice” if we want to be witnesses in mega cities of today. More and more speakers are talking about the need for both, but no one knows what the crowd thinks. For some it is a huge paradigm shift.

Big day on Friday: Jane, James, Shamira and I will share one afternoon session on developing the new leaders, in this generation. We hope to present the case well. I have a feeling that whatever is presented here is needed to be heard, yet there are so many events going on, that some people walk around bewildering, trying to get a break to stop and rewind what happened already. This is a big event, all right!

Most enjoyable quote of the day: Michael said: I feel like I am a lion in a hall filled with Daniels!


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