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Best Sayings @ Cape Town

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Lausanne III is history. There will be plenty of opportunities to consider and analyze what was said and promised, documents, videos, discussions, papers and all. In this entry I want to share with you some of the best sayings I have heard while at the congress.

  • On Ephesians 2: We are seated in heavens, just for now, temporarily – for the sake of good works, we are placed at the earth.
  • Chad said: Ephesians 2 witness more to the Eastern than Western (collective versus individual) understanding of salvation.
  • Piper said: Church needs to work to alleviate all suffering now, especially eternal suffering (his suggestion how to bring the issue of evangelism v. social action divide to an end).
  • Michael said: I feel here like a lion in a room filled with Daniels.
  • There are no closed countries, only ones we are not prepared to go to preach in.
  • In the body of Christ, some of you are hands – go and work; others are heart – compassion and understanding; others are like a false tooth, often go in and out; and some are like an appendix – we do not know we have it, until it hurts us…
  • Many churches today are like buses. People sit inside – one is working (driving), another is collecting money, everyone else just sits.
  • Vaughn said: There is a famine of the Word of God in the world today – but also in many evangelical churches.
  • A frequent question today: What is your latest ministerial fashion?
  • We go where we are invited to go – but in the unreached groups there is no-one to call us in.
  • In the past there were almost ‘fist fights at transmitter sites.’
  • Calisto asked: If we are attending all the conferences, when do we take time to act?
  • The word ‘evangelicals’ need to be redefined today – a new position is required.
  • If we follow you a week after this congress – what would your walk reveal about you?
  • Calisto said: World is offering a counterfeit love.
  • Lack of unity in the church proves lack of maturity in the church.
  • This is the end of colonisation of ideas in the partnership sake name.
  • Young people of today are mostly pilgrims, they are on a pilgrimage in their lives, so they do not stay long in any place.

(the one we laughed a lot about is the last one)

  • I am not a computer Greek…

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