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Living in a Prison (or Is your life your cell?)

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TWR Europe (actually Impuls TWR Polska, TWR’s National Partner organization in Poland) regularly receives letters from the prisoners. It is not that they produce special programs for this listener group, but rather that their follow-up team consists of the prayerful people. Every letter they receive they cover with prayers, and in that attitude and understanding, they write a response. No wonder, they have a large group of ‘fans’ in the segment of society most of us consider already lost.

But we were lost in our ignorance and lived lives in the prisons of our habitual sins, much alike the actual prisoners. What was the difference? Some of our sins were not punishable by the laws of the land. But they were all punishable by the rule of ultimate justice in front of God. To Him, we were the same, some of us were just prisoners of our lives, while others were/are prisoners of the institutions founded by the state.

Please read the below letter, in a simple but strong language, filled with emotions, just bursting out of the page toward a reader and jumping joyfully even on this digital site, polished and shaped for public appearance, and rejoice with me in the work of the Holy Spirit in life of this individual – now my brother in Christ:

“Eastern Poland: I am 29 years old. My sinful life has brought me to jail. I was a cruel man, full of hate and rage. I simply took pleasure in wronging people. Thefts, robbery, assaults, followed by time of fun, was my way. It was horrible for my fiancé and my 5-year-old son. But here, in this specific place, something unthinkable happened. Jesus knocked at the door of my heart. There was something so powerful in His love that the ice which had been chaining my heart – just melted away. I was forgiven!!!

I began to feel joy and peace. My eyes and my mind opened up. The Word of God inspired me and brought a lot of energy to fight the evil and hardships. There has been a great breakthrough since Jesus entered my life. Prayer is giving me joy, and so is reading the Bible and Christian literature. I gladly attend the meetings of the Christian group here. I am trying to follow Jesus’ teaching; He delivered me from addiction to hazard and I am also praying for deliverance from smoking. Praying fervently, I am making first steps in being patient and humble. I have been blessed with a paid job in the kitchen. In this way I can send a modest support to my fiancé and son. Recently I have been interviewed by TV and had the opportunity to share about how Jesus changed my life. It is my dream to be able to tell people about God, to bring hope to those who most need it…”

May God bless my brothers in prisons today.


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