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Latest Touch Tablet Model [blog]

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There is another tech-wiz-freak-week this week in the Sin City (somewhere in Arizona) and all existing gadget producers are up for sales and promotion. Western world is rapidly approaching reading tablet news edition during the breakfast time at every home. At least these are the sales plans.

And this is the same picture for the last 100 years. It was a radio set, and then better radio set, black & white TV, then color TV, transistor radio for FM, satellite distribution, cable TVs, digital signal, Internet distribution, downloads, MP3 mobile phones, laptops and what not, and now smart phones and tablets. And in the next 20 years there will be another long list of gadgets solar-powered, eco-friendly, running on water or air, helium touch, reading our minds, and so on.

Media is changing, it is ever changing, while the Gospel message remains the same – an unchanging message for the ever changing media world, as it is often said in www.twr.org The packing is different, content is adjusted and culturalized, all is well set together and digitalized, but we cannot deny the following – human nature is still the same, and the need also, and the Gospel message is still the same.

Jesus came to bring peace, the Master Reconciler himself paid his way to us and our way to Him. Whether we hear this by watching the fresco paintings in the XII century Serbian monasteries, or by looking at the X century Christmas time church procession in Zagreb, or you read about it in the just printed XV century Gutenberg Bible, or listening about it on an MP3 downloads on your mobile phone, the message is the same.

So, what is your latest gadget?

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