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Can a Friend be also a Leader? [blog]

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Today’s world is mostly consisted of people who are more in tune with ‘doing’ than ‘being,’ just like myself, although when challenged I would admit this is wrong. So, for those among us who are on the ‘doing’ side, here are some action points a friendship leader can take in relation to friendship:

1. Make your followers friends. This is a simple action of calling, of making someone a friend and initiates the process of changing the leader-follower relationship.

2. Treat followers, peers and supervisors with love. If a leader begins to act in love, he will begin to feel loving. A helping question here is: How can I help (as a first instance response).

3. Another step to follow is in the steps of Jesus, who opened his heart to friends and told them everything, being real.

4. Make a commitment to these friends (now) to be true, to trust, to listen to, to support, and to be available.

Friendship leadership does not reject authority. Apostle Paul wrote: But this authority is to build you up, not to tear you down”: in 2 Corinthians 10:8a. Paul uses his God given power and authority, not to lord it over others, but for building up people.

Adopted from George D. Cooper’s Friendship Leadership book (ISBN 80-969417-5-5).


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