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North Africa and TWR [blog]


Leading North Africans to an encounter with Christ is something that TWR has been doing via radio since 1974. TWR’s Berber ministry broadcasts Christian programs for North Africa using major Berber languages such as Kabyle, Tamazight and Tarifit. The church in North Africa, though persecuted and illegal, is experiencing a spiritual awakening right now. Here is one story from the notebook of TWR ministry coordinator that I feel you might be interested in.

Photo by Pierre-Yves Mutrux

“Allow me to present myself. I’m called Laifa, which means “abject.” My mother gave me this strange name because all of her offspring died a few months after birth. So among five children, I’m the only child who survived.

My mother said that, thanks to my unpleasant name, death believed that I’m entirely unpleasant, and did not approach me…I told myself that if death did not come to me, I would kill myself; I would be finished with the world that tortured me, and rest forever.

I hardly finished this reflection when my friend called me and said, “Come quickly! Listen to this broadcast in the Kabyle language on a station called Trans World Radio.” I fortunately had time and listened to the entire broadcast. The message touched me deeply. In my anguish, I was as the jailer (in Acts 16); I was going to take my life, but Jesus gave me life. I gave my heart to Jesus; I’m happy and alive.

People now call me “son of Jesus”. My name of “Laifa” is not despised anymore, because Jesus changed everything. All the members of my family came to the Lord! I end my letter here, not to bother you.

Your brother Laifa, whom Jesus saved from the dead.”

4 thoughts on “North Africa and TWR [blog]

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. The real history of the world does not show up on CNN or Fox News. We will have eternity to praise God.

  2. Nice picture!
    Can I re-use it for my own blog?


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