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Peter Principle and Us [blog]

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One of the ever-green topics in organizations is leadership development. Whether it is a commercial organization, or an NGO, or a Christian ministry, considering the next generation of leaders is valid and important. Of course, there are such organizations where this topic is being avoided, and for a purpose. Some leaders do not want to be replaced, under any circumstance, ever. This is a prominent issue in Eastern Europe, and perhaps, in some other parts of the world, hindering normal and quality growth of our organizations.

Freedom to Lead is promoting Christ-centered leadership and is asking other organizations to consider leadership development. They speak a model of leadership that emphasizes that the “Christian leader’s identity is fundamentally based in his/her relationship with Christ rather than in circumstances beyond his/her control. This model prioritizes a servant style not as a means to increased power or influence but as a distinguishing characteristic of biblical leadership.”

One of their suggestions is here, written by Rick Sessoms:

“Organizations need to invest more heavily in on-the-job mentoring.  Although training events  (and well-known trainers) attract financial resources and interest, the real progress occurs when mentoring is featured and championed within organizations.  Long live faithful mentors!”

Is leadership development what we need? Do we consider others being in our position? Are we looking for the next generation of leaders, or we just wait for the Peter principle to occur?

P.S. Peter Principle: team members are promoted so long as they work competently, but at one point in time they shift to a position at which they are no longer competent. They cannot move further, but they are also pose no treat to the leader.

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