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Why Radio? [blog]

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In our world today we find barriers to the Gospel of various kinds. The ideological barrier, as characterized by Iron and Bamboo Curtains, has perhaps attracted the most attention and evoked the greatest sympathy for those separated in such a way. Less obvious have been the more subtle barriers erected by religion and culture, in many ways more formidable than the ideological. Even in western cultures, overtaken by materialism and vulnerable to movements such as New Age, radio may effectively be used to spread a Christian world view and uphold Christian values.

FM station - Greece

For each of these the Gospel can be put in the marketplace of ideas by radio. As radio stations today are continually spewing out entertainment, propaganda and a variety of viewpoints we too as Christians can float our beliefs, outlook and opinions to put alongside philosophies alien to the Gospel. Thus seeker and non-seeker alike can ‘shop’ in that marketplace without even leaving the seclusion and safety of his own room.

  • Its personal nature as a medium. A listener comes to feel he knows the radio announcer as he listens to him regularly. Although he has never met him face-to-face a relationship develops.
  • The enormous multiplication of effort it represents. If we broadcast over a local station one broadcaster can potentially speak to the population of a whole city and beyond. On the international scale one broadcaster can potentially speak to all who speak his language within his country at the same time.
  • Its cost effectiveness. Although the capital outlay of radio facilities may be high the ultimate cost of speaking to each listener every day is minimal.
  • Its timeliness. Radio is a living medium with live sounds and voices speaking. It also has the edge in being current with news and current affairs. In times of crisis people tune in their radios for the latest updates.
  • Its potential among illiterates. It may be argued that the poverty of illiterates may preclude them from having radios. But this is not necessarily the case.

Read more on this at the following Lausanne movement site: Radio in Mission


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  1. rfTWRuk: @brankobjelajac Great blog, Branko – thanks for that! (3 minutes ago from web in reply to brankobjelajac)

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