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Visiting a place where I spent four years of life (the Netherlands, during my studies in 1990s) is always a treat, and a special experience. Seeing the canals, windmills, tulips in full blossom, rivers of bikes on the streets, dark roast coffee, tasting the ‘over one year old’ cheese… just bring memories back. And these are good ones.


It has been forty years since my first visit to this country. And I still remember how colorful and different it was to my world even then. So many nations, so many races, cultures, languages, kitchens, different but together, living in a relatively small territory – and these are not only tourists I am talking about.

Two weeks ago, Dutch Partner of TWR, the TWR NL has launched a new website – www.mijntaal.net . It is a very simple site with ten buttons, but these are in ten different languages, probably the languages of the migrants being most spoken in NL: Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, Somali, Farsi, Dari, Moroccan, English, and of course there is Dutch.

The introduction text (the only text really) says: “This is a website for migrants and refugees living in The Netherlands. Feel free to listen to the programs on this site and learn about God.” What could be simpler and more natural?


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