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It has been 13 years since some Christians started the Good News Center, in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Soon after beginning, the ministry took over production of radio broadcasts, but also organization and publishing of music records. During the last decade, and under the leadership of DJ Remis (Disciple of Jesus), GNC has grown into a media center working with and for young people.


2010 poster

For a decade now, they organize SIELOS, which is an annual Christian music festival that travels from city to city in Lithuania and brings to the public scene young and inexperienced people having something to share with others. Remis and his team know how to reach the younger generation. Every year they have up to 2,000 youth joining for this 2 day event!


One feature of their work, however, is quite remarkable. GNC is having a data base of 4,000 mobile phone subscribers to their daily Bible verse and a reminder of the radio broadcast for that day. Every one on this list receives an SMS with the information, and it is free, not ‘free’. This way, GNC is daily engaged in lives of people interested in their work. They are close to them and in such a way constitute a community of like-minded people. I think some smart people call it social networking, but they thought it originated with the FB or YouTube or alike. I think GNC did it years ago already…

And if you are more into the materials, you can subscribe at their website and get scripts of the programs you liked, or missed, or need for some other usage. Of course, you can listen to programs on-line; get the information about the latest music products in Lithuania, or just listen to your favorite preacher at www.biblijos.lt

How do you build your own community? Geros dienos mieli skaitytojai!


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