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Faith in European Politics [blog]


This is the theme title of the latest VISTA web-magazine. Published by the Nova Research Centre of the Redcliffe College in UK quarterly, and distributed free via e-mails and on-line,Vista brings fresh views and appealing discussions to its readers.

Check the previous issues: Migration in Europe, Islam in Europe, Secularization in Europe, and Youth in Europe. British based but oriented toward Europe, relying on research-based information, discussing mission in Europe, offering links and resources, this is why I consider Vista to be quite valuable.

Here is what the Editorial says: “All too often when the church has been in a position of power the result has been a leavened or corrupted Christianity rather than a sanctified society. Perhaps it is not surprising therefore that many Christians, whether by conviction or default, are disengaged from politics… The prayer of Christ in John 17 would suggest that all those who follow Him must wrestle with the challenge of being ‘in the world’ ‘but not of the world’. We simply have no choice about whether we are engaged in the political world of not, only whether we leaven the world or are leavened by it”.

Are you interested in politics? Happy reading!

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2 thoughts on “Faith in European Politics [blog]

  1. It has been a sad reality that the church is being corrupted whenever it is given political power, with the result being an abuse of that same power as well as a distortion of the Gospel.

  2. Dear Bozidar,
    We would agree with you – and our editorial draws attention to this historical and present reality.
    Most of us would probably take seriously the fact that Christians who open orphanages for children whose parents have died of war, lack of food or inadequate healthcare are doing so in the name of Christ and are furthering his mission.
    Should Christians ask why parents die as a result of war, famine, or inadequate healthcare? And should they be free to propose and lobby for solutions to those sorts of social issues? We think so, and sometimes this may involve political activity even when Christians do so from a position of powerlessness and marginalisation.
    The VISTA editorial team

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