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This site is a new on-line leadership development web initiative. It plans to provide regular updates in form of articles, on-line training modules, webinars, etc. at www.christian-leadership.org. Colin and Lorna Buckland, who run this site, have been in Christian ministry for a long time. Colin observed and commented:

  • Over 70% of Church ministers consider church expectations to be among the top ten sources of stress in the ministry.
  • Around 50% of Church ministers feel pressured by the breakdown of their family life.
  • Over 50% of Church ministers observe increasing levels of stress.
  • Over 30% of Church ministers feel that their family suffers from insufficient time together
  • Over 50% of Church ministers feel that lack of time is a major stress factor.
  • Less than 10% of Church ministers enjoy their devotional life.

If you are interested, they offer a free four-part mini-course on-line. One other series is called Man’s Plans and God’s Purposes. Colin and Lorna are on their mission journey – to help people in ministry – one of their advice is: Do not try to do the impossible for God, but do your best and leave rest to God of the impossible! Here is another brief observation:

I should have been a fireman . . .

Some Christian leaders enjoy the need to be needed and encourage an ‘I’m always available’ expectation within the community that they serve. Feeding emotionally on the late night calls and the ‘it’s only me’ day-off phone calls is all very well, but the cost in stress is high. The fireman approach to ministry is ultimately destructive to the minister and his or her family. The rush and tear of the ‘emergency minister’ may be intoxicating but is dangerous…”

Are you a Christian leader? Do you feel exhausted lately? Under stress?


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