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Global Christian Media Conference is needed [blog]

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Do you also think that it would be good to exchange the best practices and expertise in the field of Christians using digital media? As I walked recently on the streets of Singapore I saw a great number of people using their smart phones, tablets, players – and some other gadgets/devices I think I do not even know what they are. But the Gen Y does. Certainly, the Internet is the backbone of all the buzz and traffic, and it appears to be all over South East Asia. Hundreds of millions of Internet users, then again hundreds of millions of phone owners are constantly looking for quality content on-line. TWR and its Partners produce such materials on a daily basis, and in increasing numbers.

Recently discontinued UniWave Di-Wave 100 DRM radio receiver

What is a digital media platform for a Christian media ministry, one might ask? It is any unit, gadget or device that provides a person with a Gospel message in a digital form – from a phone to a PC desktop. The baby-boomers (born in 60-ies and 70-ies of 20th century) need Gen Y born and raised with Internet to understand better all the opportunities. “Information flow is what the Internet is about. Information sharing is power,” says Vint Cerf, co-inventor of the Internet in the latest Forbes Asia magazine. Later he adds: “That is what the Internet was designed for; it’s what it does best.” Clearly, when we put more information on the web it will reach a larger number of people, and such activities are not limited to a web only. ‘An SMS from Jesus,’ ‘Counseling SMS in Philippines,’ downloading programs from the Internet, sharing the Gospel message via SD memory card, utilizing DRM radio in the near future on almost abandoned and forgotten short wave frequency range, Megavoice devices with pre-recorded messages, streaming on-line and on demand, downloadable books and essays, not to even mention social media and networks alike Twitter and Facebook – are already a daily portion of our work and mission. Why not addressing such issues in an organized and structured way? Discuss the new job descriptions and admit that we do not know enough by ourselves alone.

The time is ripe for the international media ministries involved in digital platforms and delivery to meet and talk together. But, who is to convene it?


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