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My colleague Judy recently wrote a very nice blog I am sharing with you today:

More than One Way

I recall a phrase my mom would use when she had to seek an alternative direction: “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” (I promise you no animal was harmed in the process.) With her usual determination, she realized there were several possibilities available to enable her to complete her task—a positive approach.

Like my mom, TWR has a positive outlook. We do much more than radio. We use what works! 

TWR’s approach is to use the best media available to reach our audience in more than 160 countries—more than 80 percent of the world’s population. As the urgency of reaching people for Christ in this generation grows, so does the need to use new technologies in appropriate ways to extend the reach of God’s Word.

TWR-Asia, for example, sends Bible verses daily via text messages to people in Singapore who are on an opt-in list. In addition, libraries of solar-powered audio players are loaned out to specific audience groups in China and Singapore.

TWR’s Chinese Internet Ministry has been looking into how to tap into mobile platforms. To date, version 1.01 of our KTWR.net app is available for free download on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch).

TWR’s German Partner ERF Medien Germany initiated the “Migrant Media Ministry,” which currently transmits devotional messages in 25 languages over the phone. In January 2011, they had more than 16,000 calls.

These are just a few examples of how TWR is engaging young people, strengthening believers and proclaiming biblical truth to the spiritually needy in our world today. Check it out yourself: http://www.twr.org/.

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