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I would like to introduce you to a book today. It is “Esperança para a alma” written by Sister Sarah Catarino, the AGLOW coordinator for Portugal, but also a known author, preacher and speaker. I met Sarah in Mafra, at the Radio Transmundial offices (www.rtmportugal.org). Here is what Sister Sarah says in this book:

“A successful woman is deeply woven into the integrity of her character. When you have an extreme situation, you know the exact moment in which the right decision should be made. “Integrity is a commitment to live consistently with what we know is right and proper.” God is looking for women of this caliber, for people who at the last-minute know what to do, and what is right, and without fear. Integrity is a way. In this way, we learn to be honest with ourselves, with the other, to have compassion for the mistakes of others, to balance situations.

There was a king poet one day who sang these beautiful words: “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Whatever comes into our lives, He has the ability to meet ALL! So he said it is impossible to fully know God. For we know that we can be intimate with Him, talk to Him, hear Him speak to our soul. We have a relationship with Him. The biggest insight of my life is knowing that, whatever the task, the level of development, or the fight, I have intimacy with God and receive strength, direction, comfort and wisdom from Him. Somewhere in the Bible, God’s book, it says: “Knowing God is the beginning of wisdom.” We might paraphrase: “To know God is to have a life full of success.” So I consider myself a successful woman!”

What a great prayer warrior Sarah is. She has also been writing scripts in Portuguese for Women of Hope programs for more than two years now. Her inspiration and delight in the Lord which transfers into her writings are the things she sees in the lives of the ladies in this beautiful country. Her vigorous inspiration and dedication is captivating. Check out their FB account in Portuguese!


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