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Wroclaw, in Poland [blog]

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A news item alerted me last week on Wroclaw. This beautiful city in south-western Poland was a host to the European Union finance ministers and to the US treasury sec. as well. Topic: money; rather how Euro is impacting the rest of the world. Apparently, these finance people saw no need to hurry, and their measures are considered as ‘no accord’ in the midst of Europe’s worsening debt crisis. In all that noise about the money and who is going to get it at the end, I was keeping in mind the Odra river banks, nice little river islands in the middle of it, castles and museums, long lasting trees and walking paths along.

Wroclaw is a capital of the Silesia region and has so many canals and bridges over Odra that it is called the ‘Venice of Poland.’ And in 2012, Wroclaw will be one of the Football UEFA Euro tournaments host city. What a fun!

This fabulous city (you need to visit it to understand my delight every time I am visiting) is also a host of IMPULS TWR Polska (www.twr.osw.pl), which is a national Partner organization of TWR in Poland. Actually, the full name is: Stowarzyszenie Chrześcijańskie “Impuls” Trans World Radio Polska. This organization exists for more than 20 years now, and is a successor of similar organizations that recorded messages of hope and reconciliation for the Polish speaking people in the times of the Soviet Union, from London (since 1962) and also Warsaw and Gdansk from 1992.

Do you speak or understand Polish? If so, you will enjoy visiting their site and listening to some of many programs they produce. It’s a great resource.


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