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TWR CZ sign

A few years ago TWR-CZ from Brno (their site is in Czech, English, German, Russian and French) TWR’s National Partner in Czech Republic created a small PR tool: a beer mug coaster. Coasters are always needed in restaurants and bars. Furthermore, they are small enough to be taken home in a pocket or handbag. And most important of all, every customer looks at their coaster several times – at least when they set down their drinks.

These paper coasters had the eye-catching slogan “Radio, which doesn’t think for you” printed on them. As Aleš Bartošek, director of TWR-CZ, explained: “We don’t want to offer kitchen recipes for living. Instead, we want to present the biblical truth and biblical perspective and let the listener think about it.”

My colleague Frank Stephenson wrote about these coasters: “Some of the most effective places for these coasters to be distributed have been to restaurants where a Christian manager or waiter is employed as well as to businesses at exhibitions who serve drinks.”

This is a smart idea for a country that excels in beer brewing and that for centuries.

VIenna-Brno-Prague bus

This week, I discovered another nice profile raising act TWR-CZ worked on. Last summer they had a large advertisement posted on two busses that link the cities of Vienna in Austria, and Brno and Prague in Czech Republic. The word play is not easy to translate but I love the message: “The Bible is our (music) hit.”

Another text, next to a red light box that turns on when studio is in session says: “We run on red,” also playing with the fact that the ad will be seen mostly by drivers in cars behind this bus. Yet another smart idea.

Radio that does not think for you is having the Bible as their (music) hit! Check this link.

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