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Church planting in Europe [blog]


NOVA research center of Redcliffe College, Springdale College, and Syzygy Mission participating in making a new publication, this time on church planting in Europe. You can go to www.eurochurch.net/store if you plan to get it.

Apart from a list of individuals, churches and missions involved in church planting in Europe, divided by countries, there are two interesting articles to it. One deal with the effectiveness of church planting in Europe, and another speaks of church planting models in the 21st century, which I find most interesting. Joanne Appelton compiled a list of existing and functioning models of church planting:

  • Mother-daughter (initially dependent with an aim to become independent)
  • Adoption (help a struggling congregation)
  • Mission Teams
  • Multiple Congregations (leaning toward cell-church concept)
  • Emerging Churches (simple churches, new monasticism)
  • Partnerships

Once you browse the document you will learn that out of 2,000 sent inquires, 625 responded – so perhaps this document does not have a full picture of the situation in our continent, but it does for a fair share. Example: there are only two names listed for Albania – I believe I personally know more than that number, and I am not involved in any church planting in Albania… but I was delighted to see that Bulgaria has a church planting committee of the Evangelical alliance, and so on.

Are you planting or planning to plant a church?

2 thoughts on “Church planting in Europe [blog]

  1. Neki sam dan ispunjavao jedan anketni listić u sklopu našeg projekta ‘Nova evangelizacija’ pa su se ti modeli isprepleteno pojavljivali. Mi smo, posve neplanski i nenamjerno jedan od tih modela primjenili u Puli.

  2. To ne moze stetiti! Cak vise modela u istom gradu

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