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A miracle station in Norway [blog]

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Today I witnessed a miracle happening in Kristiansand, Norway. A representative of a regional community publicly thanked Gimlekollen Radio station FM 101.2 for their contribution to the public life and important role they have in a society and local community in the last 30 years!

For me, coming from a different Europe and seeing how strong animosity exists on the side of secular leaders toward anything and everything Christian on our continent, this sounded like a miracle. Then, the local station received a financial reward from the community, at the same event. Yesterday, at another vendor, a vice-mayor of a local city presented Gim-ra as they call this radio locally with a valuable graphic painting, also sharing words of gratitude and encouragement. A miracle, what else?

Kai-Steiner and Ingunn are the only fully employed at this radio station, but they have a number of supporters and volunteers. Faithfully serving their community (in doing good to the city it will be good to us also – said Jeremiah in 29:7), doing good for many years, sharing hope and encouraging people they have built a solid audience who are faithful in listening and supporting them.

Listeners and leadership of this station support one vital project of TWR, in one closed country, helping people in difficult circumstances to hear a message of hope of our Lord Jesus. This little miracle station not only brings hope to its local community but shares and supports others thus bringing hope to some very needy people as well.

Happy 30th anniversary Gim-ra! (gimra.no), a local radio ministry of Norea Mediemisjon (norea.no)!

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