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Elize from Sweden

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She still walks these same streets, but now differently than before. Elize used to be a “street lady” in Stockholm, Sweden, but her life has taken a dramatic shift. Today she tells young girls about Jesus and the hope for a new life in a notorious “no-go” zone—300-year-old Maslmskillnadsgaton Street.

Elize recently took 20 mp3 players containing Project Hannah stories in Swedish, coordinated by TWR Partner Norea Sweden, and distributed all of them to the street ladies. The distribution project was entitled “From a Friend to a Friend”.

Elize’s written response to Norea: “Wow! How big God is! All my mp3 players are gone. A few weeks ago, one of the girls told me that she wept while listening to the programs, understanding that these truths applied to her as well. The mp3 players have proven to be such a deep blessing for me as they enable me to share a message of hope with these girls!”

Thank you, Sister Elize, for investing in the lives of these young girls searching for the meaning of life!

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