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Whenever I hear a story like this, I realize that there are many people hungry for God… [blog]

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My friend Drasko from Serbia recently wrote the following account:

Sinisa is an independent believer who began listening to TWR programs in the Serbian language. Recently, I met him at his home on the Serbian-Hungarian border so that we could share the “Sabbath day” together.

After entering Sinisa’s small, cozy home, he told me his life story. “I only started reading the Bible when I was 31 years old. I visited different Christian communities and was baptized in 1995 in the Tisa River. However, their church closed soon afterwards. Afterwards, I did not join another church community. Many Evangelicals preach salvation by grace and study the Bible, but I just did not find myself as a part of them since I am a Sabbath keeper.

My wife and I suddenly got divorced a few years ago. One day she just decided that she wanted a divorce and within three weeks, my marriage was over. I left our house to her and our two children since I did not want the children to have to move. Later I learned that she was interested in Eastern spirituality, which was probably the reason for the divorce. However, I am glad that my son has good Christian company around him and my daughter has been attending a church.”

Two years ago, Sinisa married a local Evangelical believer and both have been listening to TWR’s Serbian and Hungarian programs.

“I listen to TTB regularly. Even if I do not always agree with Dr. McGee, this program helps me to grow spiritually and even change some of my opinions on particular passages in Scripture. This program on Revelation is very interesting to me.”

After five hours of fellowship, it was time for me to return home, but we will meet again this summer. Let us pray that Sinisa and his wife find a local church family and continue pursuing God’s will for their lives.

More about programs in Serbian language at www.twr-serbia.org

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