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After she was released from a concentration camp (due to a clerical error they say), Cornelia ten Boom visited more than 60 countries in the next 30 years, serving as an ambassador for reconciliation. She was arrested in February 1944 for hiding resistance workers and Jews in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Some of us have seen the “Hiding Place” movie or read the book.

Corrie was a strong Christian witness during the war and strong Christian witness after the war, travelling the world and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ through reconciliation. Somehow, it sounds that we will always be having this ministry given to all of us from our Lord, while on the Earth.

Corrie also recorded a number of her messages on the radio, and TWR was able to broadcast them (now available in books by Zondervan). She was recognized as “Righteous among the Nations.”

Visiting a ten Boom museum yesterday was a powerful witness to me and colleagues. Have you read 2 Corinthians 5th chapter recently?

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