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A Birthday Today – 140 years of the Bulgarian Bible [blog]

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The Constantinople translation of the Bible into a then modern Bulgarian language appeared 140 years ago. Until that publication, the Old Church-Slavonic translation was used for centuries. That translation is connected to Ss Cyril and Methodius, who served also in a present day Slovakia, Slavonia, and their pupils later went to Bulgaria and Serbia bringing the Gospel of Salvation.

Church-Slavonic Bible

Here is an excerpt from a R. Milanova report: The Bulgarian Bible Society organized an event at the St. Kliment of Ohrid University in Sofia. Everyone had an opportunity to touch and examine some of the older editions and translations of the Bible, provided by the library of the Theological Faculty of the University. The conference was opened by Prof. Dimitar Kirov, who encouraged all present to give an important place for the Bible in a society: “Word of God is manifested in the lives of millions. God is present in a place, where have two or three gathered in His name. For the value of the Bible have written the Church Fathers and ecclesiastical writers who have read it and thoroughly interpreted it. The church takes the Bible as special spiritual nourishment, as is our Eucharist, but also as a major incentive for more active spiritual life. Ignorance towards Scripture is tantamount to ignorance towards Jesus Christ. A Christian who is not fueled by biblical knowledge is not living fully.”

Have you read your Bible today?

Android Bulgarian Bible

Evangelski vestnik is a ministry of Studio 865, the TWR Partner in Bulgaria.


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