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How to spiritually determine your operational budget? [blog]

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Every organization depending on donors and supporters at least once a year has to pose this question. Is it merely a proportion between the income and the expense side, or there is a place for faith? Are we having the crisis of belief every year about budget time?


Are we having a good business model that covers all of our ministry needs, year after year? If your answer is positive, I would like to learn more about this model, because I have experienced that the faith-based organizations ought to implement faith in their business model, and subsequently in their operational budget. So, in a way, a budget may have three sections titled:

–        What we plan to do through our revenue and income;

–        What we plan to do through promises of others; and

–        What we must depend on God to do.

That is not easy. Blackaby says in Experiencing God: “We need to try not to dream our dreams for God. We have to be absolutely sure God is leading us to do things we put in the budget… and the difference between what we could reasonably expect to receive and the total was what we ask God to provide…”

I define a budget crisis of belief a moment when we come to a point where the expenses are higher than the income and where we have no answer, no promise, no plan or idea what to do. Then we usually make space for God.

In the coming budget season, let us pray that God helps us to see and stand for what we must depend on Him to do among us.

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