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A Brief Photostory from Denmark [blog]

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Yesterday I was at the Evensong at the Lutheran Cathedral in Haderslev, southern Denmark. This Cathedral is the oldest building in the city dated middle 12th century. In 1525 became the center for the first Evangelical-Lutheran order in Denmark.

It was first a collegiate church for the Cathedral in Schleswig, but since the reunification of Denmark, this church became an obvious choice for a Cathedral church in the now independent Haderslev diocese in 1922.

The Danish queen created/designed garments for priests, for four different occasions. Here are they presented:

Quite an interesting history of this building, nowadays a part of The European Route of Brick Gothic.

One thought on “A Brief Photostory from Denmark [blog]

  1. Jeg har sett etter noe lignende av hva jeg selv lager for Norge, men av en eller annen grunn finner jeg lite danske WP-blogger? Kan jeg invitere til et digitalt lite Norges-besøk?
    Beste hilsner

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