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Mobile Youth and Cell Phone Culture [blog]

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I just read an incredible book. Thank you Felix Widmer for recommending it to me. It is a delight and reveals many interesting facts about the content/context youth is using its cell phones, and common mistakes older folk makes when evaluating this movement. I would suggest you purchase this book and will not regret!

cover page

cover page

Here’s 10 Quick Facts about Youth Mobile Culture and Cell Phones:

All sources mobileYouth.org research

  1. 71% of youth would rather spend than last $10 on topping up their phone than on food
  2. 62% of youth sleep with their mobile phones
  3. There are 1 billion mobile youth in the world today (aged 5-29) (source: mobileYouth report)
  4. There are more mobile owning youth in China than there are people in the United States
  5. The first ever recorded telecoms innovation driven by the youth market was Dengon Dial in Japan – a simple “hack” that turned fixed-line public telephone message boxes into a youth-driven dating service. (more about this in the book “The Mobile Youth“)
  6. The highest users of new mobile tech aren’t mainstream execs but often the “outliers” and “outsiders” – e.g. Hispanic immigrants in the US, young female teens in Japan or young black females in South Africa.
  7. 65% of youth said they bought their handset based on what friends, not what advertising said
  8. Youth spend 15-25% of their disposable income on mobile (data varies by country)
  9. The average youth sees 170,000 advertising messages by age 17
  10. Despite the rise of the mobile generation, the most effective way to reach youth isn’t mobile but face to face

Face to face, ha? What do you think about that!?

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