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Mobile is transforming lives, says a secular report. Christians, what do you think? [blog]


There was an important report just published, in a week where 70,000 geeks are talking global tech. Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. This report says, that mobile is transforming lives, particularly in the developing world, that mobile health services could help save a million loves in Africa fighting malaria, tuberculosis and the HIV. In addition, food spoils will be greatly reduced, due to proper monitoring of transport and storage facilities.

ImageIn addition, the report says, 1.8 million children could use e-readers and tablets and get education by 2017. It added that connected cars could save one in nine lives through emergency calling services and, smart metering could cut carbon emissions by 27 million tones – the equivalent of planting 1.2 billion trees.

Meanwhile, some Christian ministries are developing free ringtones and ‘Christian’ wallpapers for our mobile phones, while others have progressed thus far as to provide ‘free Christian news,’ Bible software, apps and video clips. I think Christians have not fully understood the impact and scope of the new medium yet. Somehow, our Christian world is still adapting the old content for the new framework, but is it working?Image

A small number of ministries are focused on mobile today. You may check some of these:

Do you know of any other?


2 thoughts on “Mobile is transforming lives, says a secular report. Christians, what do you think? [blog]

  1. Bozidar Stevic shared at Facebook: Most churches and parachurch ministries I know in Europe are just now getting the importance of a meaningful website (not just a “presence”), while some aren’t getting even that which in the corporate world has been a standard for at least a decade.

    I know of a few positive exceptions,but in most of these cases the entire leadership of the organisations are either people of the “net generation” or at least younger than 45.

    So mobile seems to be a concept far beyond the conceptual horizons of most decision makers. It kinda saddens me, being a techie, that a set of such vast resources isn’t used to it’s full potential, if at all.

  2. First, thanks for the link back. Indeed, it’s a difficult thing for many to think about mobile, let alone move in the way that looks and acts great for our efforts. Still, we are at a place where it’s possible to go a bit further. It’s not possible to teach all old dogs new tricks. Sure, not all. It’s a body effort.

    The group’s that contribute and possibly late with the Mobile Ministry Forum, mobileministryforum.com, are working towards making that happen. Where that leads will take more than just a small group of hands. All I can say is to stay tuned there.

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