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Because we know about discipleship we think we have it. No. [blog]


Peter is a young believer, with a lot of potential. But the church has a very low ceiling. He is been given a guitar and asked to help with a youth group. Peter hits the ceiling quickly. After some time he is hurt and instead of changing his country for Jesus he goes to business. Today, Peter is a successful businessman, and a silent but cynical church member; especially about the leadership. And in the church practice nothing has changed in the last twenty years.

leadershipThis is the flaw that is inbuilt in our churches in Central and Eastern Europe: we all talk about discipleship; we are members of some classes where we discuss discipleship. Because we know of discipleship we think we have it. We don’t unless we start doing it. We have to be intentional in our leadership development. We need to sit down and start working with “Peters.”

What can we do to change that?

We will speak of leadership development as of one of the essential disciplines for leaders. We will encourage theological schools to introduce subjects and concepts of leadership development, and try to teach it as a collective. We will help our denominations to always encourage “effort” and discourage “earning” to train ourselves and others to be godly. We will hope that the small groups will start praying in our churches for this activity. We will engage in our organizations in processes and procedures that will ensure leadership development, this comes down to start doing it. We will foster publications and debates on the issue of the importance of the intentional training of the next generation leaders. We will encourage and promote leadership development in our global connections.GosisSovereign

1. Jesus said – anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.
2. LD is a form of discipleship that springs as a natural expression that we are in Christ.
3. This is an intentional activity; we ought to understand a vision for it, to carry it out and to apply means to achieve it at the end.
4. Following Jesus means learning from Jesus how to organize our lives around practices which enable us to live in the fruit of the Spirit.

I know you agree with me.

2 thoughts on “Because we know about discipleship we think we have it. No. [blog]

  1. Yes, right… I agree. Main question for me is how to make difference? If there are no motivation -just tradition, if there are not vision for making disciples just willingness to keep old systems.

  2. I guess is – one person at a time, and also with a small number of individuals, as much as time allows. Only disciples make disciples. Hope this helps but I have no answer…

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